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The Function Point Estimator

The Estimator is CAI/SISCo's J2EE implementation of the IFPUG Function Point software development estimation methodology. Users can generate credible and internationally acceptable "bottoms up" estimates of complex software development projects by describing the attributes of: the software development environment; the customer's and the developer's personalities; the application/s and other key aspects of the work to be accomplished such as code reuse and other forms of work avoidance.
The following image depicts our easy-to-use GUI that allows sophisticated and reliable estimates to be developed in a matter of minutes. Function Point Estimator outputs include: man months of effort that will need to be expended (within the expected development environment); and, the lines of executable code (KSLOC) that will need to be developed to meet the requirements.
Other PTW assists include: our basis of estimates (BOE) model, bill of materials (BOM) pricing, discounting and deflating model frameworks, and various contact and government site detail databases that are generated on demand from our corporate InfoCenter. Our model frameworks are fully integrated and there is a direct feed from The Function Point Estimator to the basis of estimates (BOE) module of our PTW Price Modeling Tool.
The Estimator
A one-time license fee of $4,950 is charged and major credit cards are cheerfully accepted.
To request a proposal or seek more information about this product, please e-mail Tony Constable or call him at (301) 807-8171.
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