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Everything About Everything: If Information Is Power, Why Aren't We More Powerful?


Anthony C. Constable

This book is an inspirational text about information recycling and reuse. The subject is presented as a futuristic tale about infocentricity and a young man with a nose for information and an inquiring mind.
The fact is that most enterprises squander information that they pay dearly in time and money for their people to learn, sometimes over and over again.
Everything Book Cover
The author believes that the remedy for this situation represents the "next big thing" for information technology (IT), which today is 95% about technology, and 5%, or less, about information. Changing an enterprise's culture as it relates to information can help change the typical "We don't know what we do know" reality into "We do know what we do know."
The subtitle of this fable is "Everything About Everything," which refers to the overarching goal of infocentricity - to create an information democracy that supports and is supported by a community of interest such as business development or marketing. The concept empowers knowledge workers to share what they know and learn by becoming privvy to what their peers know and are learning. CAI/SISCo has a developed an infocentricity-based training seminar that is available to private groups wishing to investigate more fully the benefits of information husbanding.
This book is available now on Amazon, or it can be ordered directly from CAI/SISCo at a cost of US$19.95 + packaging and postage.
Since this book should be required reading for business development managers and practitioners, CAI/SISCo (not Amazon) offers bulk purchase prices according to the following schedule:
  • 25 copies, or more.... $9.95 per copy; or
  • 15 to 24 copies......... $12.95 per copy; or
  • 5 to 14 copies............. $14.95 per copy.
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