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We congratulate our customers for their successes:
  1. Leidos was awarded a 3-year, $239.5M GSA ALLIANT LPTA task order from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for information technology services.
  2. Harris received the HH-VDL award from the Air Force that could be worth up to $130M.
  3. Level 3 Communications (now CenturyLink) was awarded Pennsylvania's COPANet contract that could be worth up to $200M .
  4. CSRA was awarded NSA's Greenway contract that is worth some $2.4B.
  5. L3 WESCAM was awarded NSWC Crane's contract for EO/IR imaging turrets that is worth ~$49M.
  6. CGI Federal has been awarded a contract worth ~$134M to develop the Army's Contract Writing System (ACWS).
  7. Sabre Systems was awarded Seaport-e task order to provide systems and software engineering support for the Software Engineering and Acquisition Management Division (AIR 4.9.4) and NAWCAD/NAVAIR PMA activities. The task order is worth ~$150M over 5-years.
  8. BAE Systems was awarded the Navy NAVAIR Air Traffic Control & Landing Systems Technical & Engineering Support contract that is worth ~$52M over a 5-year life cycle.
  9. BAE Systems was awarded he Navy NAVAIR Identification Systems Division Technical & Integration Support Services (IDS) contract that is worth ~$75M over a 5-year life cycle.
  10. iGov was awarded a berth on the $538M AF PEITTS IDIQ contract.
  11. Rockwell Collins Inc. was awarded an Full Rate Production (FRP) berth for the Army's Handheld Manpack & Small Form Fit MANPACK Radios contract that is collectively worth ~$12B over a 10-year life cycle.
  12. NCI Information Systems was awarded the Army's PEO Soldier SETA contract that is worth ~$200M over 5 years.
  13. BAE received a 5-year, $84.7M contract award for Navy SPAWAR's Network Tactical Common Data Link (NTCDL).
  14. Harris Corporation was awarded the FAA's NNEW contract vehicle.
  15. IOMaxis was awarded a small business (SB) berth on Army INSCOM's GI IDIQ contract vehicle.
  16. BAE Systems was awarded an Army Enhanced Night Vision Goggle III and Family of Weapon Sights Individual (ENVG III FWS-I) contract worth ~$444M.
  17. BAE Systems was awarded the Navy NAVSEA Aegis TECHREP contract for ~$120M.
  18. General Dynamics has been awarded the Army's Hydra-70 AUR rocket production contract valued at ~$58M over 5 years.
  19. AT&T; was awarded the State Department's Foreign Post Telephone Replacement Programvalued at ~$275M over 5 years.
  20. Elbit Systems of America was awarded the DHS's CBP IFT contract for ~$145M.
  21. BAE Systems was awarded the Air Force's FISAC contract for ~$535M.
  22. DRS was awarded a contract berth for Army CTS.
  23. General Dynamics ATP was awarded a $255M firm-fixed-price contract to satisfy the Army's M2A1 quick change barrel (QCB) kit requirement.
  24. BAE Systems was awarded the Boeing 737 MAX Spoiler contract.
  25. AAC, Inc. of Vienna, VA was awarded the GSA's Technology Operations (GTO) contract, an Alliant SB task order, that is worth ~$237M.
  26. SAIC was awarded a software engineering and scientific support services (SESSS) IDIQ contract berth by Army CECOM - aggregate potential is $7B.
  27. Rome Research Corporation wins the Navy's NAVSOC Pt. Mugu support contract.
  28. Lockheed Martin wins the DISA DISN GSM-O GIG support contract that has a 5-year, $4.6B ceiling value.
  29. DRS wins the Navy SPAWAR $269M contract for continued morale, welfare and recreation Internet cafe support.
  30. BAE Systems wins an Army CIRCM technical development contract for $41.3M.
  31. Textron wins the Navy's SSC contract to replace LCACs for $212.7M.
  32. Raytheon wins the DHS ICE TECS Modernization contract as a GSA ALLIANT Task Order.
  33. Harris Corporation wins the FAA's Alaskan Satellite Telecommunications Infrastructure (ASTI) contract for $85M.
  34. L-3's STRATIS unit was also awarded the U.S. Special Operations Forces Information Technology Enterprise Contract (SITEC) Specialty Services (SS) contract.
  35. L-3's STRATIS unit wins the U.S. Special Operations Forces Information Technology Enterprise Contract (SITEC) Application Management (AM) contract.
  36. L-3's STRATIS unit wins the U.S. Special Operations Forces Information Technology Enterprise Contract (SITEC) Distributed Computing Management Services (DCMS) $400M contract.
  37. L-3's MPRI unit wins a Justice CJPS award.
  38. L-3/AECOM JV Forfeiture Support Associates (FSA) wins Justice's Asset Forfeiture Program and a ceiling value of $1.66B.
  39. BAE Systems tops ATK to manage the Radford Army Ammunition Plant.
  40. CSC wins an MDA MIDAESS contract berth.
  41. Serco wins an FAA Towers contract berth.
  42. Raytheon wins the Air Force GPS OCX contract.
  43. Serco wins a Navy CNIC contract berth.
  44. ActioNet/L-3 Communications team wins the FAA's ATO support contract.
  45. IBM wins the DHS USCIS Transformation contract.
  46. Shaw Group retains the Fort Rucker BOSS contract.
  47. Raytheon wins the UK's e-Borders contract.
  48. Accenture wins the New York City MOCS electronic document management contract.
  49. AT&T; wins the Treasury TNet contract, the first GSA NETWORX task order.
  50. Accenture wins the New York City Access NYC contract.
  51. Level 3 Communications wins a GSA WITS 3 contract berth.
  52. BAE Systems wins the BLS' ITS-IS contract.
  53. Nortel Government Solutions was awarded SSA's TSRP contract which, once implemented, will be the largest VoIP implementation in the world.
  54. Accenture wins a GSA Alliant contract berth.
  55. AT&T; wins both a NETWORX Universal and an Enterprise contract berth.
  56. AT&T; wins a DISA DATS contract berth.
  57. HP wins 4 OEs under DISA's Server acquisition program.
  58. Boeing wins the SBINet contract.
  59. AT&T; wins the JHITS contract.
  60. ASD wins the WHS WITS contract.
  61. Qwest wins the NASANet contract.
  62. L-3 Titan wins the FAA ITSS contract.
  63. AT&T; wins the Treasury TCE contract.
  64. Worldcell wins the DISA Europe wireless contract.
  65. Lockheed Martin TSS was awarded the USPS UCC contract.
  66. HP was awarded DLA's Enterprise Data Center (EDC) contract.
  67. SIM, Inc. was awarded the Navy's BOASS contract.
  68. HP was awarded DLA's Global E-Mail migration job.
  69. GD C4S was awarded Army CHS III.
  70. RS Information Systems triumphed for DOE ITISS.
  71. SAIC retained their NSWC Crane incumbency.
  72. Northrop Grumman was awarded GTN21.
  73. Exponent was awarded one of the Objective Force Warrior Lead Technology Integrator berths.
  74. General Dynamics was awarded an Army WIN-T Phase 1 berth.
  75. Harris was awarded FAA FTI.
  76. SAIC was awarded the NGB DTTP contract.
  77. HP was awarded a PCHS 2 contract berth by the VA.
  78. General Dynamics prevailed for NSA's KMI CI1 opportunity.
  79. General Dynamics also retained its AF MISTS II incumbency by winning an AF ITS contract berth.
  80. SAIC retained its DISN O&M; business by winning the DISA DGS contract.
  81. IBM won the Customs Modernization contract.
  82. Lockheed Martin won the USPS IDS contract.
  83. HP (was Compaq) won the ADEPT II contract with USPS.
  84. Verizon won the Treasury Digital Telecommunications Systems (DTS) 2 award.
  85. Verizon won the "Big Ben" contract.
  86. Verizon was awarded WITS2001.
  87. Sprint won the first round of GSA's FTS2001.
... and many, many others.
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