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Value Proposition
When pursuing a major opportunity there are several sets of questions that senior management needs to pose of their capture team.
The first set of questions includes ...
  • How are we going to win the business? and
  • How can we ensure that the business we win will be good business?
Answers solicited should be both spontaneous and concise and should serve to earn continued infusions of B&P; funds by continuing to support a positive bid decision. CAI/SISCo can help with this process by providing an independent opportunity assessment or by facilitating the development of an internal assessment.
The second set of questions are designed to elicit qualitative (who? and why?) and quantitative (what?, where? and how?) answers related to your worthy competitors and to develop a detailed picture of how your strategies, strengths and weaknesses stack up. Ideally, this process begins before a formal bid decision has been taken and continues up through final bid submission, or even up to the award. CAI/SISCo supports this requirement by providing an independent competitor assessment and/or by facilitating the development of an internal assessment using a "black hat" review process. In so doing CAI/SISCo provides that "other hand against which to clap" any internally-derived views and assessments.
The third set of questions addresses how the bid team expects to craft a pricing strategy that can yield a winning price. The facets and complexities of today's bid pricing environment with performance-based contracting, CAIV and other esoteric issues on top of the usual pricing and gaming considerations, require an independent competitor "should price" assessment and a "price to win" analysis. CAI/SISCo provides independently -derived estimates of where competitive bid teams are likely to be price their bids. Our analyses model standard deviations about each competitor's mean expected price to show how to increase your firm's probability of a win. Moreover, we can develop a bid reality model and use the deltas between it and the evaluation model to perform a Delta Margin gaming analysis.
CAI/SISCo adds value to each phase of the business development process by independently providing quantified, timely and supportable analyses and insights aimed at revealing the approaches, solutions, and pricing strategies and prices that key competitors are likely to employ to ace you out of major opportunities. Our services provide the maximum win insurance for a very affordable premium. Our opportunity-related services are offered on an opportunity-exclusive, first come, first served basis.
To request a proposal or more information about any of our services and
products, please e-mail Rich Brown or call him at (301) 840-5959.
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