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Hope Is Not A Winning Strategy... But Price To Win Is!


Anthony C. Constable

The purpose of this book is: to provide a Price To Win (PTW) framework and process to help achieve win probabilities (pWins) of 100% for competitive opportunities. Not 73% or 87%, but 100%.
PTW Book Cover
This book should be required reading for:
  • All those engaged in aspects of business development that are aimed at capturing competitive contract awards;
  • Contracting business owners and their senior managers who are looking to take their businesses to the next level (i.e., small to mid-sized, mid-size to large-sized); and
  • Anyone else who is curious enough to want to learn about the bigger opportunity capture picture.
One business developer at a major government contracting company provided the following feedback: "I am enjoying your PTW book. We have long been using just "Hope" as our guiding strategy so, from now on, PTW will be a big help."
The takeaway that this book strives to provide is that PTW should be embraced by firms that vie for competitive awards because:
  • It can significantly improve opportunity pursuit pWins by focusing on the competition, providing the Home Team with timely information concerning what it needs to do to overcome Competitors in terms of their aggregate Evaluation Award Points (for Team, Approaches, Solutions, Past Performance, etc.) and their most likely gamed Bid Prices; and
  • Help the Home Team focus on preparing and pricing a profitable bid that can beat the fiercest competitor and win!
This book is available now on Amazon. Alternatively, it can be ordered directly from CAI/SISCo at a cost of US$295.00 + applicable sales taxes, packaging and postage by emailing a completed version of the following Order Form to Jennifer Weinberg.
Since this book should be required reading for every capture manager, CAI/SISCo (not Amazon) offers bulk purchase prices according to the following schedule:
  • 20 copies, or more... $135.00 per copy; or
  • 10 to 19 copies......... $195.00 per copy; or
  • 5 to 9 copies............. $245.00 per copy.
Download PTW book Order Form (102kB, Word Format)
To request more information about this book, please e-mail Jennifer Weinberg or call her in the United States at (301) 840-5959. Major credit cards are cheerfully accepted.
SPECIAL OFFER: Individuals who have attended any of CAI/SISCo's professional development seminars / workshops (public or private) are entitled to a $100 discount off the price of this book. This offer is only available directly from CAI/SISCo and should be claimed using the Order Form above.
CAI/SISCo is a leading provider of Competitive Analysis, Price To Win (PTW), Strategic Pricing and other business development support services to companies that vie for all types of large-scale government procurements. To request a proposal or more information about any of our services or products please e-mail Tony Constable or call him in the United States on (301) 807-8171.
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