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Customize Our PTW Training For In-House Use

Mid- and large-sized companies that vie for government work around the globe are increasingly seeing value in licensing world-class business development support systems and having them adapted to their internal capture processes and training needs. CAI/SISCo has responded by offering advantageous licensing terms for our highly regarded Price To Win (PTW) training materials (frameworks, seminars, class problems, and artifacts) along with consulting services to rapidly adapt them for in-house use to provide consistency everywhere in the world. For our clients the goal is to consolidate global capture activities around a common set of ubiquitous business development processes that allow talent portability, better prospect management, and increased win probabilities.
As competition intensifies and price looms larger as the key determinant of competitive awards, training and information, not just technology, become more critical. Over the years, CAI/SISCo has developed both an infostructure and a culture that supports enhanced capture processes such as competitive analysis, PTW and strategic pricing. As more and more firms focus on building their internal capabilities in these areas, CAI/SISCo has added to its market-leading PTW consulting service offerings and now offers training, price models and infostructure consulting (to help establish modern knowledge worker support systems) to support all aspects of business development.
The way a typical PTW training licensing arrangement works is as follows. A CAI/SISCo PTW practitioner/trainer visits with the customer's internal team that is focused on improving and standardizing internal capture processes to:
  • understand what the purview of the planned capture process improvements and describes and discusses how CAI/SISCo's PTW process fits into the objective capture process;
  • present a 1-day instance of our standard PTW training session that will allow the customer's team to judge what they would like to see changed, emphasized, or elaborated on; and
  • allow CAI/SISCo's PTW practitioner/trainer to estimate the extent to which CAI/SISCo's training and its class problems will need to be customized and/or adapted to plug into the customer's planned capture process and training curriculum.
Any required modifications and customization is performed by CAI/SISCo and is delivered to the customer as a final draft. Customer comments and/or change requests related to the final draft are implemented and a final copy is delivered to the customer and is presented on-site to the customer's team. The customer team at this point may include their "train the trainer" team of training specialists who will be charged with evangelizing the capture process changes and PTW processes to all divisions and locales that will be implementing the revised process.
Consulting support is available from CAI/SISCo to help customers use, re-purpose and enhance our tools, frameworks and databases and integrate them into the larger opportunity capture process.
To request a proposal or more information about any of our services, books or
products, please e-mail Tony Constable or call him in the United States on (301) 807-8171.
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