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We help you capture business. New! 'Hope is not a Strategy, but PTW is' Book.
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Supporting Successful Business Developers Since 1975

We are the trusted source for business development support services that help businesses large and small improve their probabilities of winning government opportunities of all complexities and classifications. We offer world-class competitive analysis, Price to Win (PTW) studies, and strategic pricing support from the government marketplace's most experienced and successful independent practitioner.
Our professional business development training seminars are led by seasoned practitioners to allow clients to leverage our 30+ years of real-world opportunity capture experience to help stand up internal capabilities in key areas such as competitive intelligence (CI) gathering and exploitation, competitive analysis and situational awareness development, Price to Win (PTW) studies, and strategic pricing and price gaming.
Providing management consulting, strategic pipeline planning studies, contract exploitation guidance, and market research and analysis to improve market positioning, strategic business development focus and success over the long haul. We also provide consulting to initiate or improve client: labor rate competitiveness by customer, location and type of work; business development information culture; and, supporting infostructure.
Leverage our experience and expertise by: subscribing to our on-demand GovSource competitive intelligence (CI) service; licensing our pricing models, read-out templates, and estimating tools to build or improve internal competitive analysis, Price to Win (PTW) and strategic pricing capabilities; or, acquire "How To" books on Price To Win (PTW) and other business development subjects.
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